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Management Learning from F1 (Formula 1)

There’re several points we can learn from Formula 1; Pit Stop, Tyre Strategy, Practice-Qualification-Race, and Safety. Below is the brief summary: Continue reading “Management Learning from F1 (Formula 1)”

Beyond: Deliver above Work Target

Nope, this article is not discussing about Star Trek Beyond. However it is a magical word that will inspire us to improve Performance at Work.┬áSimply put,┬áBecoming Beyond at Work means you need to develop a set of Skill, Knowledge, and Attitude that above average than people around you. Continue reading “Beyond: Deliver above Work Target”

Leaving the Black Gold

We are in the era where many advanced industries are looking for alternative source of energy. Soon middle-east will slowly become poor countries, as petroleum will no longer considered as black gold.

This is one of the reason why development of alternative energy is not as fast as consumer products. Black gold has been feeding rich people for many centuries. And this people are now dominating the way the world is running.

However we are now witnessing that discovery of new energy is inevitable. We will soon adopting solar powered energy, as well as salt water chemical reaction, wind, and many others to replace current petroleum consumption.

Leave the black gold industries, and start seeking or developing industry that run for alternative energy.

Developing Organization Effectiveness / Efektivitas Organisasi

Organisasi yang efektif adalah organisasi dengan resource yang tepat (baik kompetensi maupun jumlah), yang mampu mencapai tujuan yang telah disepakati. Organisasi yang efektif bekerja secara Lean.

Berikut karakter Organisasi yang Efektif: Continue reading “Developing Organization Effectiveness / Efektivitas Organisasi”

Today world of sales

Career Trend 2016: Work Anywhere

Saat ini, jenis pekerjaan tertentu memungkinkan untuk dilakukan dimana saja dan kapan saja. Sesuai dengan konsep “Future Employee” / model Karyawan Masa Depan, dimana karyawan tidak selalu harus berada di meja kerja kantor. Faktor apa yang menggiring karyawan bisa bekerja tidak harus di Kantor? Continue reading “Career Trend 2016: Work Anywhere”

Road to Start

  1. Aware
  2. Realize
  3. Understand
  4. Interest
  5. Intention
  6. Plan
  7. Learn
  8. Action
  9. Improve

Download Kode Pos Indonesia (2015) Format Excel (xlsx) Paling Lengkap

Silakan download pada link dibawah ini untuk mendapatkan list Kode Pos Indonesia dalam versi Excel (xlsx). Office 2007 – 2010.

Kenapa format Excel terbaru? Karena jumlah baris data kodepos yang disediakan lebih dari 65.000 baris. Enjoy! Continue reading “Download Kode Pos Indonesia (2015) Format Excel (xlsx) Paling Lengkap”

As an employee, if we want to become extraordinary one then you need to work differently rather than following others.

Work differently and make a difference.

Create a recognition that condition today will completely different without your contribution.

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