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The Black

Fujitsu U2010 in 2016

Well this is an 8 years old UMPC, hopefully you still know what it is. It was meant Ultra Mobile PC.

Its a really miniaturized notebook. Screen is still gorgeous, 12 by 8 in 5.6″ display size.

Installed with Windows 10, however there’s no display driver therefore screen looked awful without auto rotation capability. It is very slow too, probably because lack of display driver.

Then decided to reinstall in Win 7.. and it runs smoothly.

In 2016, not much you can expect from this device. Though its using ssd, browsing in this device is not comfortable.

It takes note very well, especially using its stylus. Keyboard is way too small, so Very difficult to type fast.

It was priced at USD 1500 back in 2008. And find it still working well today. I believe this is can be considered as collectible item.

Achieved during traffic jam in less than 30 minutes.


Nokia E7 in 2014 (now 2016)

Still in good shape with low battery performance.

Nice typing experience, expecting further device to copy this kind of model with android os.

iPhone 4S vs Galaxy S III in 2015

Back in mid 2012, there was a battle between iPhone 4S and Galaxy S III. We knew both devices have good looking design. Wonder which one still survive in 2015 (as of Sept 2015)? Continue reading “iPhone 4S vs Galaxy S III in 2015”

Would love to see iPhone Nano

Yup, I would love to own iPhone Nano .. iPod Nano size with phone capabilities. There’s always a market segment who hates “large” size phone because of it’s “complexity” and non-pocket friendly. Continue reading “Would love to see iPhone Nano”


 Article in Wikipedia

  • It is the darkest color, the result of the absence of or complete absorption of light.
  • For the ancient Egyptians, black had very positive associations. it was the color of the rich black soil flooded by the Nile. It was the color of Anubis, the god of the underworld, who took the form of a black jackal, and offered protection against evil to the dead.
  • Black can be defined as the visual impression experienced when no visible light reaches the eye.
  • Continue reading “The Black”

We need Cross-Platform iTunes (Android, Windows, or Blackberry version)

As music media will be fully digital in several years ahead, then we need iTunes on any platform, not just iOS device. iTunes is amazing, it’s easy and simple. and it integrates with Shazam. Continue reading “We need Cross-Platform iTunes (Android, Windows, or Blackberry version)”

Sejak Maret 2014 hingga Desember 2014 ini, Smartphone terbaik dikisaran harga antara 3jt – 4jt Rupiah adalah:

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Continue reading “Best Smartphone around USD 300 (Rp. 3jt – 4jt)”

Act Digital

Many of us (Born before 1990) lived in Analog era for more than 20 years at least. What is the indicator:

  1. We still use pen to write simple notes
  2. Prefer to use keyboard + mouse in PC rather than touch input
  3. Go to bookstore
  4. Still perform Scan & Copy, fax
  5. Never heard digital signature
  6. Using smartphone only for basic features: Call, Text, Taking Picture, browsing
  7. Keeping hard copy
  8. Asking for Brochure

Continue reading “Act Digital”

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