Many of us (Born before 1990) lived in Analog era for more than 20 years at least. What is the indicator:

  1. We still use pen to write simple notes
  2. Prefer to use keyboard + mouse in PC rather than touch input
  3. Go to bookstore
  4. Still perform Scan & Copy, fax
  5. Never heard digital signature
  6. Using smartphone only for basic features: Call, Text, Taking Picture, browsing
  7. Keeping hard copy
  8. Asking for Brochure


Today, we’ve been supplied with lots of features that probably we don’t even realize.

It’s nothing bad to stay in Analog world. However there will be no more rooms for “analog people”.

Analog is way to slow, taking lots of physical space, and now cost more.

It’s not too late to go Digital, it’s easy to learn. But don’t purchase books about this in bookstore!

Act Digital is about shifting mindset, knowledge, skill and attitude.

Produce more by acting digital.