Nope, this article is not discussing about Star Trek Beyond. However it is a magical word that will inspire us to improve Performance at Work. Simply put, Becoming Beyond at Work means you need to develop a set of Skill, Knowledge, and Attitude that above average than people around you.



It’s like a game, to win in a battle or a race first you need to improve your skill. Improving skill at work means how to getting things done faster and efficiently. You can’t cheat skill, when you are skillful then you become agile, responsive, making quick decision. Skill can be achieved through hours of experience with progressive improvement.


In this Internet era, you’ll find everything you need to know right on your computer/tablet/smartphone screen. It’s a matter how curious your are on something your need to resolve at work.

Your colleagues and superior probably are the first people you would like to ask to get the knowledge. However, today business requires more sophisticated and effective solution. Therefore you will need a benchmark from other company or best practice, and most cases you can get it from internet.


Finally, all above sets are meaningless if you don’t have “Winning Attitude”. “Want-To” is not enough, it’s about commitment; consistency, persistence, and extra-miles.

You are not wasting time in non-productive activities such as taking too much time in colleague-chatting, break, browsing, or doing something not relevant to work.

Remind yourself to improve everything everyday, you must leave the comfort zone by challenging yourself to deliver higher result.

Work result is not just term for sales people, since they have Sales Achievement as a clear Target. As an office worker that might perform administrative task, there’s also Target; Processing Time, Customer Satisfaction, Efficient Index, Number of Errors, etc.