Well this is an 8 years old UMPC, hopefully you still know what it is. It was meant Ultra Mobile PC.

Its a really miniaturized notebook. Screen is still gorgeous, 12 by 8 in 5.6″ display size.

Installed with Windows 10, however there’s no display driver therefore screen looked awful without auto rotation capability. It is very slow too, probably because lack of display driver.

Then decided to reinstall in Win 7.. and it runs smoothly.

In 2016, not much you can expect from this device. Though its using ssd, browsing in this device is not comfortable.

It takes note very well, especially using its stylus. Keyboard is way too small, so Very difficult to type fast.

It was priced at USD 1500 back in 2008. And find it still working well today. I believe this is can be considered as collectible item.