Steve Jobs-like presentation in reality is not enough. If you are in a situation where you have lots of peers or multiple level of bosses, then you really need to Stand Out. Start crawling to the top of pyramid by showing that your are extremely good in data analysis, playing with Excel.


Yes, Start Mastering Excel Features such as:

  1. Pivot Table
  2. Graph
  3. Data Analysis
  4. Vlookup
  5. Macro
  6. Database Connection, etc…

More Hows

However, the most important thing in utilizing Excel feature is your own “Logical Thinking”. Above features are just set of tools.

When presenting something in the meeting, you need to know what do you want to show to the audience.

Normally, you always start with Information Summary. But this kind of information, most people might already notice. Therefore you need to go deeper where either issue or success factor is happening.

Just like your smartphone display resolution, the higher of your screen resolution, the higher the level of display sharpness. In this case your Excel skill will master the presentation, using pivot table, filter, etc to get deeper information right where the root cause exist.

Your power point is very static, or at least there’re animations. However in smart presentation, you need to show dynamic information based on audience response. When the discussion become more interactive then your data will also response to specific topics.

The key is, when there’s question from audience the you can immediately show / answer it with your data.