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Sebagai Karyawan, Kuasai bidang Pekerjaan Anda!

“Apapun pekerjaan anda, kuasailah dengan sepenuh hati. Karena menjadi ahli dalam suatu bidang akan menjadi bekal sukses kedepan.” Continue reading “Sebagai Karyawan, Kuasai bidang Pekerjaan Anda!”

Road to Start

  1. Aware
  2. Realize
  3. Understand
  4. Interest
  5. Intention
  6. Plan
  7. Learn
  8. Action
  9. Improve

Handling Angry Employee

Menangani Karyawan yang Marah

Computer generated image - Unhappy Colleagues .
Computer generated image – Unhappy Colleagues .

Pada dasarnya semua tips mengenai cara menangani karyawan maupun anak buah yang marah atau emosional sifatnya adalah teori. Berhadapan dengan karyawan yang sedang emosional seringkali membuat diri sendiri terbawa suasana hingga akhirnya ikut menjadi emosi. Sehingga yang terjadi akhirnya adalah adu kekuatan posisi. Continue reading “Handling Angry Employee”

Inspiring! Superheroes by the Script

All her life she has seen
All the meaner side of me
They took away the prophet’s dream for a profit on the street Continue reading “Inspiring! Superheroes by the Script”

As an employee, if we want to become extraordinary one then you need to work differently rather than following others.

Work differently and make a difference.

Create a recognition that condition today will completely different without your contribution.

Getting Things Done

Fulfill your responsibility, at all cost.

Dedicating more than 26 years in only one club, until his complete retirement.

What we can learn from him to become excel at work?


Also Planned to have a full writings on this.

Energy will differ someone to another in terms of Performance, mindset, respond to something, etc. Have you gain this “Energy”, or How you can gain this “Energy”, that’s what will be described here.

You Live the Way You Eat

Planned to write full thinking on above Subject.

Basically the idea is the way you eat reflects the way you live life. It’s showing how you appreciate about something, put attention to any detail, and the mindset on seeing things.

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