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Fujitsu U2010 in 2016

Well this is an 8 years old UMPC, hopefully you still know what it is. It was meant Ultra Mobile PC.

Its a really miniaturized notebook. Screen is still gorgeous, 12 by 8 in 5.6″ display size.

Installed with Windows 10, however there’s no display driver therefore screen looked awful without auto rotation capability. It is very slow too, probably because lack of display driver.

Then decided to reinstall in Win 7.. and it runs smoothly.

In 2016, not much you can expect from this device. Though its using ssd, browsing in this device is not comfortable.

It takes note very well, especially using its stylus. Keyboard is way too small, so Very difficult to type fast.

It was priced at USD 1500 back in 2008. And find it still working well today. I believe this is can be considered as collectible item.

Posted from Nokia E7

It is 2016, and I still have a working E7. And this post is written on E7 using cutePress.
Keyboard just works fine, not as comfort as blackberry but it has complete qwerty layout.
Hope there’s android device like this where keyboard is in landscape position.
There’s no longer whatapp support, email also in text format only. Basically this phone is not as smart as today.
But you can still read email, writing notes or blogs.
Browsing the internet is very slow..

Based on GSMarena, this phone was released in Feb 2011. It means this phone is more than 5 years old. Thats the period where iPhone 4 was launched 6 months earlier. I still find iPhone 4 is far better compare to this E7 today.

E7 sports amoled screen which provide clear black display. On paper, its specs not quite different with iPhone 4. E7 has 680MHz speed, 256mb of RAM, and 16gb internal storage.

In terms of multimedia, it delivers very good sound, and video editing capability too. But its too slow.

Finally, this could be your 2nd, or 3rd phone. In fact its a very good companion to your primary phone. It looks stylish as well. People will look at you when you type on it.

Result yang baik selalu berasal dari Proses yang dihargai

Ada dua tipe orientasi leadership yang sering dibahas yaitu leadership berorientasi pada Result dan juga yang berorientasi pada Proses.

Orientasi Hasil

Tidak sedikit para leader yang memiliki prinsip kuat terhadap orientasi hasil. Continue reading “Result yang baik selalu berasal dari Proses yang dihargai”

Stand Out with Microsoft Excel


Steve Jobs-like presentation in reality is not enough. If you are in a situation where you have lots of peers or multiple level of bosses, then you really need to Stand Out. Start crawling to the top of pyramid by showing that your are extremely good in data analysis, playing with Excel.


Yes, Start Mastering Excel Features such as: Continue reading “Stand Out with Microsoft Excel”

Management Learning from F1 (Formula 1)

There’re several points we can learn from Formula 1; Pit Stop, Tyre Strategy, Practice-Qualification-Race, and Safety. Below is the brief summary: Continue reading “Management Learning from F1 (Formula 1)”

Super Klenger Burger, Mantap!

Super Klenger Burger, disajikan dengan French Fries.

Harga : Rp. 40.000,- diluar service & ppn

Rasa: lengkap khas burger, dan tidak terlalu blenger. Karena mayonaise nya disajikan secara cukup (tidak berlebih). Dagingnya gurih dan lembut.

Memang tidak ada yang special, termasuk varian Tower Klenger Burger yang menyajikan beberapa lapis daging sekaligus. Harganya, Rp. 100.000,-. Akhirnya ya seperti makan steak.


Harapan Pantura agar tidak seperti Radiator Springs

Bagi penggemar film animasi Cars (2006), tentu kota Radiator Springs memiliki kesamaan dengan kota-kota di sepanjangan jalur Pantura (Pantai Utara) seperti Pamanukan, Losarang, Cirebon. Dengan keberadaan jalan Tol Trans Jawa mengakibatkan kendaraan beralih menggunakan jalan yang lebih cepat walaupun harus membayar tarif tol.


Continue reading “Harapan Pantura agar tidak seperti Radiator Springs”

Sukses dilihat dari Apa yang dihasilkan, bukan Apa yang telah dilakukan…

Result / Output merupakan produk dari usaha yang telah dilakukan dalam suatu pekerjaan. Seringkali kita membuat klaim seperti: “Saya sudah bekerja keras siang dan malam”, “kami telah melakukan melebihi dari yang standard”, “Kami sudah melakukan yang terbaik”. Namun ketika Result / Output-nya masih belum tercapai, maka “Pihak ketiga” selalu dijadikan sebagai kambing hitam. Dan tidak jarang kita masih menuntut untuk dihargai atas upaya yang telah dilakukan. Kira-kira Tepat atau tidak ya?

Continue reading “Sukses dilihat dari Apa yang dihasilkan, bukan Apa yang telah dilakukan…”

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